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Perry Martin


Perry_Book_Pic1_Under_Tree_smallIN HIS LONG AND VARIED CAREER as a musician, songwriter and producer,  Perry has worked with such show biz luminaries as the Bee Gees, Ambrosia, Little River Band, Hal Ketchum and country supergroup Lonestar ― to name just a few.

Born in London, England,  Perry grew up in Queensland, Australia.  As a teenager in the early 1970’s he traveled throughout South-East Asia playing music.  He finally settled in Hong Kong for 12 years, enjoying a successful career as a singer-songwriter-producer where he released three albums of his own original material, while also writing songs and producing albums for local pop artists.

In 1983 he moved to Southern California where he lived and worked until 2012.   Fate had something wonderful in store for him and he unexpectedly encountered the love of his life, Hong Kong superstar Rowena Cortes.  This prompted him to return to Hong Kong after a 29 year absence.  They were married in May 2013, in front of an audience of 3.500 at one of Rowena’s concerts.

Since then he has released two audiophile CDs called “Perry Martin and Friends” and “Perry Martin and Friends Volume 2” as well producing a similar CD for his wife and her singing partner Louie Castro.

Meanwhile a screenplay based on his first novel, “PRETTY FLAMINGO” is being written and he has since published three other novels; “SAVANNAH”, “THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT” and “ETERNITY” the long-awaited sequel to “PRETTY FLAMINGO”.

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